Courageous Manhood  

for a Successful Life

Every man has gnawing desires in his heart that just won’t quit. Your relentless plans, hopes, and dreams may be different from other men, but the result is the same---SUCCESS!!

Your dream come true has been hindered by obstacles, fears, and faults that keep you feeling like a failure and living with repressed passion.

Here is your million-dollar question, "Is my dream more important than my fear?" If you answer yes, then you have come to the right place. 


Hi guys, I’m David, and one of my desires is to help encourage and coach you to find courage, passion, and strength to succeed in fulfilling the desires God placed in your heart.

Be strong and let your heart take courage;
Yes, wait for and confidently expect the Lord

                          Psalm 27:14


Beliefs that Hinder Men from a Successful Life



I haven’t accomplished my goals. I’m a failure. I need to learn how to set goals.

This is not what I want for my life. I’m restless. I need a new direction.

I’m spinning my wheels. I’m stuck and need help. I need the courage to ask for help.


My wife leads our prayers. I'm a sinner. I need to forgive myself.

My family does not know about God. I'm inadequate in my faith. I need to lead my family.

I feel like a sheep among wolves. I'm insecure. I need a group of men for support.


Everybody makes more money. I’m worthless. I need to re-think my sense of value.

We don’t have much. I’m a mediocre provider. I need the courage to plan for more.

I spend too much money. I lack restraint. I need to practice self-discipline.


I hate my job! I want to move on. I need to discover my calling or destiny.

I have a gnawing desire I can’t shake loose. I need the courage to risk a new business or ministry.

I am spinning in circles at work. I'm directionless. I need a plan, goals, and objectives.


I’m not a kid anymore. I need to grow up and find the courage to be responsible.

I’m seeing grey hair and am easily fatigued. I need to start downsizing my life.

We just moved to a new city with a new job and no friends. I need help adapting.


I am not feeling well. I’m tired. I need a plan for better eating and lifestyle habits.

I am gaining weight. I feel sluggish. I need help developing an exercise routine.

I found a weird-looking something on my leg. I need the courage to go to the doctor.


I don’t talk about myself to her. I fear rejection. I need help learning about intimacy.

I don’t talk. I don’t want anyone to know how inadequate I am. I need the courage to be confident.

I prefer to stay at home. I feel alienated. I need to feel comfortable and confident socializing.


I spend all my time at work. My life is out of balance. I need help balancing work, family, and fun.

I don’t interact with others. I’m boring. I need to have more fun.

I don’t resist my impulses. I get in trouble. I need the courage to have a higher set of standards.


The world is a mystery. I’m confused by everything I see in life. I need to clarify my worldview.

I don’t know what matters anymore. I’m no longer at peace. I need help clarifying my values.

I used to get excited about life. I’m tired and bored. I need help rediscovering my passion.


I don’t want to be like my dad. I’m scared. I need the courage to know how to be a good dad.

I don’t want my kids to be like me. I’m inadequate. I need help showing them my good values.

I don’t want to be a hard ___  like my dad. I’m a perfectionist. I need help learning balance.


I am unaware of my feeling. I am afraid of fear. I need courage and strength.

I am unaware of my life and unsuccessful. I am afraid of fear. I need courage and strength.

I am unsuccessful. I am afraid of fear. I need courage, strength, and a plan.


Face it, man, you are stuck. You were once on life’s superhighway, and then you crashed into Mental Blocks. and now your dreams, passions, and life are stalled and rusting in a garage called “A Life Gone By.”

Or maybe you are still on the road, moving slowly toward a dream, but you are easily stuck. There are Mental Blocks that cause you to procrastinate, feel like a failure, sputter, and stall.

Or maybe you are moving along the road but get easily frustrated by the constant stop and go of obstacles. You know if there were fewer Mental Blocks and a better plan, you could get to your God-inspired destination sooner.

For over 35 years, I have helped men revive their spirit, soul, and body, assisting them in moving through the Mental Blocks of their past to get back in the game of life.


Now I want to help a man like you. A man competing in the game of life by embracing a strong desire to conquer and win. I will help you develop and execute a game plan to shatter the Mental Blocks. I will help to encourage your practice of courage and strength while amassing small wins and then we will

celebrate your God-given dream achieved.


Holly Spring, Georgia


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