Beliefs that Hinder Men from a Successful Life



I haven’t accomplished my goals. I’m a failure. I need to see clear goals.

This is not what I want for my life. I’m restless. I need to pursue a new direction.

I’m spinning my wheels. I’m stuck and need help. I need the courage to ask for help.


My wife leads our prayers. I feel like a sinner. I need to forgive myself.

My family does not know about God. I feel inadequate in my faith. I need to lead my family.

I feel like a sheep among wolves. I am insecure. I need a group of men for support.


Everybody makes more money. I’m worthless. I need re-think my sense of value.

We don’t have much. I’m a mediocre provider. I need the courage to plan for more.

I spend too much money. I lack restraint. I need to practice self-discipline.


I hate my job! I want to move on. I need to discover my calling or destiny.

I have a gnawing desire I can’t shake loose. I need the courage to risk a new business or ministry.

I am spinning in circles at work. I feel directionless. I need a plan, goals, and objectives.


I’m not a kid anymore. I need to grow up and find the courage to be responsible.

I’m seeing grey hair and am easily fatigued. I need to start downsizing my life.

We just moved to a new city with a new job and no friends. I need help adapt.


I am not feeling well. I’m tired. I need a plan for better eating and lifestyle habits.

I am gaining weight. I feel sluggish. I need help developing an exercise routine.

I found a weird-looking something on my leg. I need the courage to go to the doctor.


I don’t talk about myself to her. I fear rejection. I need help learning about intimacy.

I don’t talk. I don’t want anyone to know how inadequate I am. I need the courage to be confident.

I prefer to stay at home. I feel alienated. I need to feel comfortable and confident in socializing.


I spend all my time at work. My life is out of balance. I need help balancing work, family, and fun.

I don’t interact with others. I’m boring. I need to have more fun.

I don’t resist my impulses. I get in trouble. I need the courage to have a higher set of standards.


The world is a mystery. I’m confused by everything I see in life. I need to clarify my worldview.

I don’t know what matters anymore. I’m no longer at peace. I need help clarifying my values.

I used to get excited about life. I’m tired and bored. I need help rediscovering my passion.


I don’t want to be like my dad. I’m scared. I need the courage to know how to be a good dad.

I don’t want my kids to be like me. I’m inadequate. I need help showing them my good values.

I don’t want to be a hard ___  like my dad. I’m a perfectionist. I need help learning balance.


I am unaware of my feeling and unsuccessful. I am afraid of fear. I need courage and help.

I am unaware of my life and unsuccessful. I am afraid of fear. I need courage and help.

I am unsuccessful. I am afraid of fear. I need courage and help.


Holly Spring, Georgia


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