Where Does God Want You to Be
Where Do You               Want to Be
Coaching Gets You There
You will never maximize your potential in any area without coaching. It is impossible. You may be good. You may even be better than everyone else. But without outside input you will never be as good as you could be.


ANDY STANLEY, The Next Generation

In the late 15th century, someone in Kocs (pronounced “kotch” and sounds like, you guessed it, coach) Hungary build the second greatest invention since the wheel—a cart by which they could more easily transport goods and people. It was described as a horse-drawn coach to get people from where they were to where they wanted to be.

Today, I will come alongside you, to guide and encourage you through life’s challenges, helping you move forward from where you are toward where you want to be, more quickly, with more confidence than if you had tackled life alone.

Over the centuries, the term coach has been applied from tutors that prepared students to pass exams and get them closer to where they wanted to go in school, to trainers helping athletes get to their goal of winning the prize.


Coaching is about you – your goals, your learning, and your growth. Together you and I will listen to the Holy Spirit to hear His voice about you.

Coaching is about learning. You are the expert on your life.

I use coaching techniques such as active listening, open questions, encouragement, challenging a bit, and always remaining supportive. All to assist you in discovering insights and taking the next steps.


Coaching is about action – your action. Each session, you will determine 1-3 action steps you will take before the next meeting. You may be surprised how quickly you progress toward your goals.


Coaching is about all of you – not just your work or ministry. We know that changing old habits and thought patterns are difficult. I will recognize these patterns and will support you as you change and grow.

Our coaching relationship produces insights, greater personal awareness, changed behaviors, actions, and ultimately the results that satisfy you.

You will evaluate, reason, imagine, decide, and implement.

Why Does Coaching Work?


Coaching works because it brings out your best – what God put in! I believe you can create your own best answers, and I am trained by education and experience to support you in that process.


Specifically, this is what I will do during coaching sessions:

  • Listen. Your story is central. I will fully engage in what you are saying. I will also listen to the Holy Spirit and encourage you to do the same.

  • Ask questions. I will use questions to stimulate your thinking and creativity. Questions are about possibilities and the future.

  • Encourage. Everyone needs encouragement, and usually, we don’t get enough. I will support your vision, your progress, and your efforts.

  • Facilitate while letting you lead. I will facilitate your learning and problem-solving. Yet, I will never fully be in the lead – you will, with your approach, your plan and your goals.



According to an article written in The Guardian, there are approximately 47,500 life coaches in the world with 15,800 in North America charging an average of $229 for an hour-long session. 

With so many options for you it is important that you get a feel for my style and approach.

After reading this page if you think we are on the same wavelength, then we should talk.

You feel blocked in life, but you believe god and you can conquer 
You lost your passion and purpose and are desperately looking for them
you have fears that hinder you but you move anyway 
You welcome a challenge
you are not a christian, but believe their values are true
you are a christian and can hear the leading of the holy spirit
I want to attain my God-given goals
i need and want a coach
i read your words and i think we click
i took the coaching readiness scale and scored above 50



you feel blocked in life and it's everybody else's fault. Until they change, you can't change

you are depressed and apathetic and can't get off the couch 

you are frozen by fears and feel safer in your comfort zone

you despise being held accountable

you are an atheist who would rather argue religion than talk life

you are an agnostic who doesn't want to be led by anybody

my wife made me get coaching

i need a cheerleader

i threw caution to the wind so let's talk

i took the coaching readiness scale and scored below 50


Generally Speaking



Generally, our coaching relationship will resemble a large, delicious pie sliced into four pieces.

At the center of the pie and assimilated within the pieces is Jesus/Holy Spirit/God.

The first big piece at the top of the pie is AWARENESS. We will become more aware of who you are, how your past prepared you for your present, and your current values, gifts, and passions.

The second big piece is VISION, where do you want to go, want to accomplish, and your calling.

The third big piece is STRATEGY AND ACTIONS. How do we get to where you want to go? We will set realistic, measurable goals and celebrate the small wins as you accomplish them.

The fourth big piece is OBSTACLES: What gets in the way? We will conquer the mental blocks, delays, hindrances, and setbacks that attempt to stop your progress.

We will not always deal with all the pieces of the pie in one session. Nor will we progress evenly and in order like the hands of a time clock. We will, however, take enough bites of the pie, at the right time, to ensure the success of your goals.

Specifically Speaking

Most sessions will flow like this:

C   Connect: engagement by sharing what happened since our last session, your progress        or the obstacles.

O   Outcome: discussing what you would find most helpful to talk about                                        and what you would like to take away from our session today.

A    Awareness: reflective dialogue to discover insights into yourself,  vision, strategy,                   overcoming obstacles and actions.

C    Course: action steps that help capture your insights and convert them into action                 steps. Discuss the steps you will take before our next session.

H    Highlights: discuss what you learned or what insights you gained in the session today           and how useful they will be for you. 

The COACH Model was developed by and registered to Keith E. Webb at Creative Results Management.  



Holly Spring, Georgia



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